If you have a Ruckus 1000/1100 ZoneDirector you can now upgrade to the latest 1200 series and save money!

The Ruckus Wireless ZD1200 is the newest member of the ZoneDirector series of Wi-Fi controllers from Ruckus Wireless. Providing coverage for up to 2,000 client devices and scaling up to 75 APs.

The ZD1200 works with ZoneFlex Access Points to deliver a highly reliable and easy to manage Wi-Fi network for a single site. The pay as you grow licensing system allows you to start with a standard license for 5 APs and grow to a maximum of 75 APs with a granularity of one AP license.

Terms and Conditions:

  • We’re required to register the opportunity with Ruckus in order to release the special pricing.
  • Customer must be replacing a previous model of ZoneDirector with equivalent AP licences.
  • This promotion ends on March 31st, 2015.
  • Ruckus reserves the right to change or cancel this promo without advanced notice.


Q. Which ZoneDirector Models can be upgraded using this promotion?

ZoneDirector 1000 and ZoneDirector 1100 models can be upgraded.

Q. What happens to existing maintenance contracts of ZD1100 or ZD1000 being upgraded?

Time left on existing maintenance contracts will be added to maintenance contracts purchased on the ZD1200. A minimum 1 year WatchDog contract is obligatory on the new ZoneDirector 1200