Cybercriminals continually find new ways to infiltrate networks, forcing security professionals to evolve their operations to stay ahead of clever adversaries. Unsurprisingly, 52% of organizations feel that security operations are more complex than just two years ago, and the ongoing cybersecurity skills shortage only compounds the problem. According to a recent ISC2 study, nearly 70% of security practitioners say their organizations lack the staff to prevent and troubleshoot security issues. Yet finding, hiring, and retaining skilled professionals is difficult and expensive.

Many organizations are outsourcing some or all of their cybersecurity monitoring and incident response processes to a third-party security operations center (SOC) to combat these issues. These SOC services can quickly fill the gaps to help businesses prevent, maintain, and respond to threats. For example, companies across all industries rely on our SOC2-certified FortiGuard SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) to easily enhance their daily monitoring and threat detection activities without significantly investing in new technology or additional personnel.

Today, we’re happy to announce new FortiGuard SOCaaS integrations across the Fortinet Security Fabric, our native cybersecurity platform, to further strengthen and streamline networkwide remediation efforts. By using even more data from across the entire network, customers get greater value from their FortiGuard SOCaaS investment.

FortiGuard SOCaaS: An Easy Button for 24×7 Security Monitoring and Threat Management

By leveraging FortiGuard SOCaaS, security teams can immediately augment their internal capabilities. FortiGuard SOCaaS is staffed by Fortinet security experts, who use our suite of technologies and advanced AI and ML capabilities to effectively and quickly detect and triage potential incidents. Following an incident investigation, our SOC team will notify the customer in as fast as 15 minutes via email, phone, and through our cloud-based portal, sharing detailed insights about the incident and providing step-by-step remediation instructions.

The FortiGuard SOCaaS solution offers simplified administration through FortiCloud, where organizations can integrate select Fortinet services, get complete visibility into security events, and communicate in real time with Fortinet experts. The management console lets customers download out of the box or request customized reports for internal stakeholders. It also includes insights from our experts, crafted specifically for the organization, regarding ways to harden their environment and enhance the overall risk management strategy. These recommendations are often covered in detail during our quarterly customer meetings.

Now Available: FortiGuard SOCaaS Integrations to Enhance Daily Operations

Starting today, FortiGuard SOCaaS customers can directly integrate their Managed FortiGate Service, FortiSASE secure access service edge, and FortiClient Forensics Service subscriptions with their SOCaaS offering. This unified solution extends the capabilities of FortiGuard SOCaaS, enabling security teams to streamline remediation efforts, such as adjusting firewall settings, that our team of analysts recommends, doing so through the Fortinet Security Fabric platform.

Below is an overview of how these select integrations can enhance an organization’s security and extend the value of their Fortinet Security Fabric platform investment:

  • FortiSASE strengthens network security: Integrating FortiGuard SOCaaS with FortiSASE significantly enhances network security. Through logging and monitoring, FortiSASE helps teams understand what is happening on the network and informs them about network activities, such as virus detection, visits to an invalid website, intrusion, failed login attempts, and more. This information is now fully available to the SOCaaS platform for comprehensive visibility into the FortiSASE network.
  • FortiClient Forensics Service offers detailed security investigations: FortiClient Forensics Service enhances FortiGuard SOCaaS capabilities by providing in-depth investigation of endpoint-based incidents. For instance, when FortiGuard SOCaaS flags a sophisticated malware attack, teams can use the FortiClient Forensics Service, accessible directly through the FortiCloud SOCaaS portal, to conduct a comprehensive examination of the deployed endpoints to identify the nature and source of the attack.
  • Managed FortiGate Service provides harmonious integration of security and network operations: Integrating with FortiGuard SOCaaS to bolster network security, this collaboration offers a cohesive, cyclical method for managing network and security operations. As FortiGuard SOCaaS detects an anomaly that may pose a security risk, the Managed FortiGate Service gets notifications. It can proactively implement defensive strategies such as segmenting the network, which isolates potentially compromised areas to prevent the spread of threats and mitigate risk. This streamlines the response to incidents and fortifies the network’s resilience against future attacks by continuously adapting to emerging threats.

Learn More about the Fortinet Security Fabric Platform and FortiGuard SOCaaS Today

Partnering with our FortiGuard SOCaaS experts gives security teams greater piece of mind. Knowing that they have 24×7 threat monitoring and incident investigation covered, they can focus on more strategic priorities.

By integrating the Managed FortiGate Service, FortiSASE, and FortiClient Forensics Service subscriptions with FortiGuard SOCaaS through the Fortinet Security Fabric platform, security professionals get more value from engaging with our SOCaaS team. They can further streamline and simplify their daily operations.