Appliances have natural lifespans. And if your SA, IC, or MAG appliances are running end of life, it is time to bid them farewell and RIP. Upgrading appliances prevent security breaches, gives you access to new features that deliver quantifiable value to your daily business operations, and comes with leading-edge components such as memory, processors, hard disks, network interface cards, etc. New hardware can handle more users and manage traffic faster and more reliably than ever, so you can do more with less.

Even so, saying the final “good-bye” can be tough. We know that. That’s why Pulse Secure is always here to help you to secure the future today to deliver and scale new IT services tomorrow.

Here’s what you should know about burying your end-of-life SA, IC, or MAG appliances and replacing them with new PSA5000 and PSA7000 appliances from Pulse Secure:

  • You gain the ability to provide secure access to SaaS applications from Microsoft Office 365, Box, Concur, and many others.
  • You can deploy and support BYOD in a simple and straightforward manner via a mobile device container.
  • You will be assured that only authorized users with compliant devices can access applications and services in the cloud or data centre, thereby preventing data leakage.
  • You can integrate your existing identity stores such as Active Directory, as well as leading providers like Ping and Okta.
  • You can empower your users through single sign-on (SSO) with certificate authentication – eliminating frustrating password requirements.
  • You can know what is on your network and enforce security with a unified policy across wired and wireless connections, personal and corporate devices, and remote and local access.

So, take a look at your end-of-life appliances – and take action to secure your future. Saying “RIP” today will set you up to celebrate serious ROI tomorrow.

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