Ruckus Wireless: It’s all about Location

Smart Wi-Fi. Location Intelligence. Creating innovative solutions and applications that make it simple to navigate complex indoor environments, study footfall trends, and enable context driven content delivery. Simply the smartest wireless for a mobile world.

Ruckus Wireless is beginning to offer a comprehensive suite of location based services (LBS) for a variety of applications, turning wireless LAN systems into indispensable tools for businesses and customers alike. Many organizations face these simple and important, but sometimes difficult to answer questions; how can I help my customers navigate through the large mall and deliver timely coupons to get their business? How much of my business last week was due to repeat customers? How long did the passengers have to wait on average for their train?

Ruckus LBS technology will provide the intelligence necessary to answer these questions. Specifically, location-sensitive and publicly-facing enterprises can benefit greatly from these services:

  • Indoor way finding in complex environments, for both customers and employees
  • Delivering highly-relevant, geo-targeted advertising and promotion
  • Footfall analytics
  • Understanding in-facility customer behaviour
  • Improving the guest experience

With accurate indoor positioning — that is cost-effective, simple to deploy and use — enterprises can now create the right indoor contexts for marketing campaigns, develop comprehensive footfall analysis and provide varied forms of digital concierge services to customers and employees. These location based services, and the intelligence they inherently provide, can benefit a number of markets, including:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Smart cities/Government
  • Convention and event logistics

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how location based services from Ruckus Wireless can simply make the world a better place.

Retail — Ruckus LBS provides the intelligence necessary to not only understand shopping behavior, but to influence shopping behavior. Retailers can identify customer shopping patterns, analyze marketing and merchandising effectiveness, deliver context and location relevant advertising, and improve customer engagement. Additionally, the customer experience can be greatly improved through mobile services such as indoor way finding in complex environments, customer-specific promotions, social applications, and product and/or amenity locators — a digital concierge, if you will.

Hospitality — Ruckus LBS solution can help improve the customer satisfaction score of hotels by improving their staffs’ service delivery times for guest needs. Loyalty member customers can benefit from on-device features such as automatic check-ins, way-finding, instant coupons for bar and restaurants.

Healthcare — Ruckus LBS provides a plethora of mission-critical benefits to critical care facilities. Staff way finding via mobile application enables employees to seamlessly navigate these complex facilities, saving valuable time in emergency situations. Additionally, management personnel can more effectively plan and distribute resource utilization, significantly increasing efficiency and effectiveness. And operational efficiencies are significantly increased through the delivery of comprehensive asset tracking, ensuring that life-saving equipment is easily located and delivered to the location of need.

Smart Cities — Ruckus LBS can provide airport management with location based services for real-time crowd control, provide locations-based information to hurried travelers, and provide an intelligent way for travellers to traverse these large facilities. Ruckus LBS can provide public transit operators with real-time passenger and traffic information, enabling increased efficiencies in scheduling and dispatching, as well as improved facilities and crowd management.

Smart schools — Ruckus LBS solution can provide an effective way for schools to locate their wifi assets such as tablets, help navigate guests and parents during competitions and fares, and assist during emergency situations.

These are just a few of many examples of how intelligent Location Based Services from Ruckus Wireless can significantly benefit a number of enterprise organizations. Location is everything. Smart Wi-Fi makes any location a data point overflowing with valuable information. We’re here to help you make sense of that information.

Ruckus. Simply the Smartest Wireless for a Mobile World.

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