Ruckus has rolled out their Zero Touch Mesh feature as part of the latest Ruckus Unleashed 200.6 update. The update enhances our pre-existing SmartMesh wireless meshing technology which is designed to dynamically create self-forming, self-healing mesh networks.

SmartMesh makes it simple to blanket every corner of your space with reliable Wi-Fi coverage – while eliminating the need for cumbersome radio planning and expensive cabling to every access point (AP). Now with Zero Touch Mesh, you can skip the mesh configuration priming process – as Mesh APs already installed in their permanent locations will auto-discover, auto-provision and auto-form a mesh network securely without priming. This means you can set up your entire Wi-Fi network in a few simple steps, whether using a mobile device or browser.

In fact, Ruckus recently hosted an Unleashed AP configuration competition during an event. All participating contestants successfully configured their respective APs in under two minutes. This puts into perspective the ease of installing Unleashed APs. With Zero Touch Mesh, the installation of an Unleashed network is dramatically simplified.

Unleashed networks can be easily managed by anyone – no expert IT staff required. You can manage Unleashed networks from anywhere in the world with the free Unleashed Mobile app. The app’s dashboard displays all the essential information about your network, while providing access to key administrative tasks and troubleshooting options.

Beyond Zero Touch Mesh, Unleashed 200.6 adds a slew of new features and enhancements to provide you with more robust control over your networks. For example, you can now define policies to restrict Wi-Fi speed for users at the application level. This is because application rate limiting and QoS traffic shaping rules can be created, along with application denial rules. Plus, all your end-point devices can be easily renamed, while your admin password can be easily reset within the Unleashed Setup Wizard.

Unleashed 200.6 also makes it easier for you to quickly troubleshoot wireless networks. With the Unleashed (browser) dashboard or mobile app, you can now precisely pinpoint technical issues, such as why the internet is down, why a specific device is unable to connect to Wi-Fi, or why an AP has rebooted.

Additional Unleashed 200.6 key features and enhancements include:

  • Expansion of the Unleashed AP portfolio with the: C110 (Wave 2 wall plate AP with built-in DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem), E510 (embedded Wave 2 outdoor AP with external BeamFlex+ antennas) and the T310 (entry-level Wave 2 outdoor AP with integrated BeamFlex+ omni or sector antennas).
  • Same WLAN support for multiple social media logins: Existing Social Media login methods (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft) can be used simultaneously on the same WLAN.
    WeChat WLANs: New social media WLAN type – WeChat – is now available.
  • AP Ethernet port status: The web UI displays information on AP Ethernet port status, including link status and link speed.
  • Unleashed Multi-Site Manager (UMM) Connectivity: Enables connectivity from UMM to an Unleashed Master AP behind a NAT firewall. Unleashed will initiate an SSH tunnel when the “Enable management by Unleashed Multi-Site Manager” option is selected, allowing TR-069 protocol traffic to traverse the firewall.

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