Ruckus Wireless Release Industry’s first completely cloud-based Smart Wi-Fi positioning service

Ruckus SPoT™ — based on the company’s Smart Wi-Fi technology, is the industry’s first cloud-based location technology suite that enables carriers, service providers and enterprises to deliver a wide range of location-based services. These value-added services enable them to increase profitability and enhance users’ mobile, online experiences.

SPoT™ has a powerful combination of several unique features. It is completely cloud-based – so venues with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi will not need any additional hardware to become “location intelligent”. It is based on Ruckus’ Smart Wi-Fi technology – giving it a high degree of accuracy and performance while remaining cost-effective. Businesses can also tap into a vast ecosystem of application developers and providers of third-party analytics to generate additional value from their investment in SPoT.

The Ruckus SPoT™ (Smart Positioning Technology) Location Suite comprises:

  • SPoT™ Positioning Engine – accurately pinpoints in real time, a user’s location in any indoor or dense urban environment
  • SPoT™ Location Analytics Dashboard – provides real-time tracking of user movement and historical analysis of footfall trends
  • SPoT™ API – a set of APIs that power a new generation of mobile apps, giving them “Location Intelligent” features such as the ability to locate users and engage or send them highly targeted messages in any venue with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi installed and Ruckus SPoT™ enabled

How it works
Ruckus BeamFlex™ technology is combined with a variety of advanced location techniques such as RSSI trilateration, RF fingerprinting and techniques that take advantage of the constant travelling speed of radio waves and packets. As a result, Ruckus SPoT™ is capable of better pinpointing the location of users, depending on the number and density of access points used.

Analyse marketing and merchandising effectiveness, shopper trending, improve customer engagement, Q buster features such as real-time heat-map views for floor managers

Improve loyal customers’ satisfaction with on-device features such as auto check-in, way-finding, and instant coupons for amenities

Transportation Hub
Enhance traveller experience with intuitive on-mobile engagements; improve efficiency of the entire venue or sub-zones with real-time heat maps, statistical footfall and dwell-time data.

Shopping Malls
Identify areas of heavy usage, improve traffic flow and engage customers with way-finding and contextual coupon serving.

Accurate location data provides asset tracking, indoor navigation, and personnel locations.

Tracks assets such as tables, navigate guests and students around campus.

A “Location Intelligent” SPoT™Location Ecosystem

The SPoT™ Location Ecosystem is a Ruckus program for third-party mobile and analytics application developers. These developers create business and consumer applications for carriers, service providers, enterprises, schools and other businesses and organisations. Through the program, Ruckus provides an open API set for the delivery of comprehensive, accurate and near-real-time location information — powering services such as Location Analytics for better customer insights, and enhanced user engagement and experiences on mobile apps.

The first Ruckus SPoT™ Location Ecosystem partners include location analytic companies like Euclid and SkyRove, and mobile application development partners including FrontPorch, Sanginfo, PurpleWi-Fi, TechStudio and ITC Infotech.

To review the full feature and technical specification download the Ruckus Wireless SPoT datasheet.

If you have any questions about the solution, or would like to find out more about how it will benefit you and your company get in touch with Net-Ctrl on 01473 281 211, or email [email protected].

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