Last week some of the Net-Ctrl team attended the Ruckus UK&I partner conference in Newport, Wales where we got the chance to hear from the senior leadership team and SE community at Ruckus about the latest technologies and market updates.

Our key takeaways included:

  • Optimised Networks: the working culture and Education space continued to expand and demand more. Technologies like Wi-Fi 7 and Ruckus AI can help clients enhance capacity and reliability, which is crucial for today’s real-time applications like video conferencing and eSports.
  • eSports: Something we looks set to grow exponentially in the EDU space with more schools and colleges better understanding the values eSports brings beyond the PC.
  • Cloud First: The Ruckus One platform combines a multitude of Ruckus technology under one platform over two license models, and is able to effectively manage and monitor the entire Ruckus portfolio, even older AP models.

Net-Ctrl are currently booking in meetings with current and potential clients to understand how Ruckus might be able to fit in their organisation, or about their future upgrade options.

If you would be interested in Net-Ctrl running an update session for you and your team, please get in touch.