Hands up all those who have a security infrastructure centered around preventing a breach. Yeh, me too. I’ll call it Plan A.

Now hands up all those who have a Plan B.

Ooo, not so many, and I wonder what it is……. I’ll have a guess…. two firewalls, idp, dlp, mdm, 2fa…. OMG!  Enough already.

Now hands up how many have a potential “Snowden” in their organisation or who might in the future? Come on, all your hands should be up now.

One last question. Which of you can guarantee that you won’t get a breach? I mean really guarantee it, stake your job on it…?

I wouldn’t, and neither should you. Not unless you really do have a proper Plan B.

My friend at SafeNet Inc, Tsion Gonen at the SafeNet Partner Conference for the 2nd year running banged on about having a Plan B, and he’s right, ‘cos none of us can be absolutely sure. Can we?

So here’s the thing. Plan B. Which isn’t to undermine Plan A, ‘cos it shouldn’t. Both Plans are entirely valid, even the two firewalls, idp, dlp, mdm, 2fa…. OMG!  All valid.

You have to do two more things.

1. Kill the data

2. Hide the keys


Call me, Tony Pullon, 01473 281211, and I’ll tell you how.


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