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iboss Network Security is a leading provider of innovative APT Defence, Web Security and Mobile Security Solutions. iboss solutions were built from the ground up to meet the challenges of a mobile-enabled world. Providing layer 7 defence across HTTP, SSL, threat and applications iboss secures mobile devices on or off network enabling organisations to safely adapt social media, SaaS, and mobile devices while expanding access to technology. By incorporating unmatched network traffic visibility, organisations are able to identify high-risk user behaviour and the Shadow IT to create more actionable policies.


The iboss cloud secures user Internet access on any device, from any location, in the cloud. Shift the focus from following perimeters to following users so that consistent cloud security is applied while users are in the office or on the road.

Secure user internet access on any device, from any location, in the cloud

The iboss cloud is designed to keep business running smoothly and efficiently by protecting user Internet access no matter where the users are. Fast, secure cloud access is critical so that employees can be productive as they work in the office, on the road, or at home. The iboss cloud simplifies securing user Internet access by delivering security in the cloud so that the protection follows the user, providing protection at all times

What Makes iboss cloud Different?

The network perimeter has eroded, making traditional gateway security appliances ineffective at securing users who are no longer bound by network boundaries. Built on a proprietary containerised architecture designed 100% for the cloud, iboss cloud secures user Internet access from anywhere, including in and out of your physical network perimeter. Users are always connected to iboss cloud, regardless of device or location, to ensure all Internet traffic is secured for compliance, web filtering, malware defense and data loss at all times. Since iboss cloud lives in the cloud, security goes where users go with elastic and instant scaling to meet the demands of the cloud-first future.


The iboss cloud shifts the focus from following perimeters to following users ensuring fast and secure Internet access from any location. The advanced features ensure an ultra smooth transition from traditional web gateway appliances to a cloud-based gateway platform. Explore the iboss cloud benefits and capabilities below.

Secure Cloud Gateway

Web security delivery in the cloud protects users regardless of location.

Eliminate SWG Appliances

Move to the cloud and save on infrastructure costs.

Lightweight, non-disruptive agent

Industry-leading signature-less malware engines and threat feeds.

User & Group Based Policies

Flexible policies can be created to increase productivity while ensuring security.

Detailed Logging & Reporting

Provide clear visibility into cloud use to reduce infections and gain insight.

CASB Cloud App Visibility & Controls

Comprehensive CASB controls for visibility into cloud applications use.

Inspect SSL Traffic

Easily and selectively inspect encrypted SSL/TLS traffic at scale using the elasticity of the cloud.

Secure Mobile Users

Secure user internet access wherever they roam.

Cloud DNS Protection for BYOD & Guest Networks

Easily secure guest networks by pointing their DNS to iboss cloud.

Easily Protect All Operating Systems

Native support for all Operating Systems for seamless protection.

Dedicated Cloud IP Addresses

Retain a unique IP Address identity in the cloud.

Extend into Private Cloud

Extend iboss cloud into Private Cloud.

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