Cloudvue – Cloud CCTV and Video Surveillance with Cloud Storage

About Cloudvue

Net-Ctrl is a UK reseller of Cloudvue the smart and secure video surveillance solution.

Cloudvue invented cloud video surveillance in 1999 and have been continuously innovating ever since. This gives Cloudvue a proven track record for reliability.

Today, Cloudvue is trusted all over the world to simplify surveillance and provide powerful intelligence that improves security operations and helps with organisational efficiency.

How Cloudvue Works

Command an entire security system in one interface, on one map, and click on any camera or door worldwide.

It starts with Security-as-a-Service

Easily control an unlimited number of cameras and set intelligent alerts with centrally managed software and cloud connected hardware.

Custom floor plan views, map views, and powerful dashboards keep data organized as operations scale.

Cloudvue’s powerful search tools and accessibility transforms video surveillance footage from forensic data into actionable information.

Organisations can choose to purchase new hardware up-front or through subscription options.

Cloud CCTV Cameras

  • Use your Existing Cameras– With Cloudvue Cloud Gateways you can move existing cameras to the cloud.
  • Use New Cloud Cameras – Eliminate onsite servers and security network infrastructure with Cloudvue Cloud Cameras.

Securely Store Data

  • On Premise – Store data locally using a variety of cloud cameras or cloud gateways.
  • CCTV Cloud Storage – Cloud storage is available with 4K resolution for up to 5 years.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid storage options are also available.

Work Smarter with Powerful Intelligence Built-In

Cloudvue provides powerful intelligence that streamlines security and improves operational efficiency beyond security.

Focus on moments that matter the most. Intuitive dashboards, simple sharing and the processing power of the cloud increases accessibility to an array of intelligent, industry-focused tools. Leveraging a variety of analytics, AI and intelligent alerts improves security operations and drives operational efficiency beyond physical security.

Smarter Security

Watch over more in less time with intelligent alerts, custom views and powerful search tools. Turn surveillance data into actionable intel that can be quickly distributed across an organization. Take advantage of tools smart enough to know the difference between someone walking by or suspiciously lingering around.

Smarter Operations

The benefits of smarter technology extend beyond security. Intelligent alerts and analytics provide data to inform operations management. The ability to remotely grant and revoke access can increase operational efficiency. Tools like skin temperature alerts can help provide healthier work environments.

Cloud Technology combined with Security-as-a-Service

By moving costly infrastructure to the cloud, organisations can typically see a reduction in the total cost of security by 20% to 30%.

Organisations save both on upfront costs and on maintenance. The digital transformation of physical security is also changing the way these solutions are bought a sold.

Organisations can choose to purchase hardware upfront and pay a low, cloud subscription fee or they can get everything as a subscription and never worry about hardware or camera replacement.


Never buy another camera with a Cloudvue lifetime warranty.

One Annual License Includes Everything – for Life. Don’t settle for a 10 year warranty or buy new cameras ever again.

With Cloudvue, pay one annual fee which includes commercial HD 1080 night vision surveillance cameras, system management services, unlimited cloud video storage for bookmark video, people detection intelligence, all with unlimited users – and get advance replacement of cameras for life.

Secure is not just a feature,

it is the core of who we are.


Don’t settle for a 1, 3 or 10 year warranty or buy new cameras ever again. With Cloudvue Security as a Service, pay an annual fee for surveillance cameras and cloud video management services – and get advance camera replacement at no extra cost.

The annual Cloudvue Security as a Service license includes one of four cameras listed below plus Cloudvue service with unlimited cloud video storage for bookmarked video, unlimited users and privileges, live and recorded video management and the Cloudvue Manager service for system management. Add additional cloud storage services up to 5 years for an additional annual fee. Cloudvue Security as a Service requires a minimum 3 year commitment.

TCCES02B08 Bullet

1080 HD Night Vision IR Wide Dynamic Range Camera
H.265 2.8mm Focal Indoor/Outdoor IP67 Corridor Mode

TCCES02B10 Bullet

1080 HD Night Vision IR H.265 Wide Dynamic Range Camera
2.7-13.5mm Varifocal Indoor/Outdoor IP67 Corridor Mode

TCCES02D07 Dome

1080 HD Night Vision Wide Dynamic Range Camera
H.265 2.8mm Focal Indoor/Outdoor IP67 Corridor Mode

TCCES02D09 Dome

1080 HD Night Vision IR H.265 Wide Dynamic Range Camera
2.7-13.5mm Varifocal Indoor/Outdoor IP67 Corridor Mode

Get the Cloudvue VMS Plan with Unlimited Bookmark Video Cloud Storage

Optionally select additional cloud storage plans for up to 5 years up to 4K resolution on simple monthly or annual plans.


Simple setup. Connect your new cloud camera to your network and use the Cloudvue mobile app for instant setup.


Access live video from 140 countries around the world with millisecond live video display. Create custom groups of cameras and custom access to cameras so users only see cameras they have permissions for. Cloudvue security suite reliably delivers video on almost any network from cellular to fiber.


Hyper View feature that enables you to search through video from up to 100 cameras at the same time in 60 seconds or less.


Cloudvue has built in smarts such as people detection, motion detection and heat maps with a simple and smart interface to search for important events.


Point and click interfaces makes finding the right HD recorded video a snap. Search by events, date, time, camera, then save and download any length clip or share it with anyone online using custom bookmarks.


Run powerful system use and analytics reports. Sort and report by day, week, month and download to any database. See everything that happens on your system.


Map View gives you a view of all your cameras worldwide and click on any location to see the video. Also use Map View to see the status of all your cameras and instantly troubleshoot any of them.


Site View allows you to drag and drop different camera types onto a map of your building floor and assign live cameras to them. Upload your own blueprints quickly. Easily view live video from any camera on your floor map with one click.


Cloudvue security as a service includes unlimited storage of bookmarked video. For additional storage in the cloud, select a monthly or annual plan to store up to 5 years of video at 4K resolution in the cloud. Cloudvue offers unlimited flexibility. Scale up and down and add or remove cameras on demand.


Add new users to Cloudvue and assign them any or all cameras as well as change permissions as needed (view only for example). Create custom views of cameras so users only see the cameras they need.


Track and report on bandwidth utilization, live video viewing, recorded video playback, cloud uploads, cloud storage and much more from the Cloudvue Manager dashboard.


See the status of all your cameras on a global map and click on any one to see details and then troubleshoot instantly.


View IP and MAC address of any device connected to Cloudvue, test connection speed from that device, run a detailed health check, upgrade firmware, change network settings, reboot, restart services, disable or factory reset remotely. Manage authorized users and alerts (such as when a camera disconnects from the network).

Get Advanced Camera Replacement at no Extra Cost

The annual Cloudvue Security as a Service license fee includes advance camera replacement at no extra cost. If the camera fails, a replacement will be sent at no additional cost.

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