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About CEM Systems

CEM Systems is a leading provider of access control and fully integrated security management systems.

Originating from a computer background and with over 25 years experience in the IT & security industry, CEM is unique in that it has developed a strong understanding of the IT issues and strategies that companies have in place. High quality, innovative security solutions are built with this understanding in mind. As one of the few manufacturers that design and produce all their own hardware and system software, CEM can fully customise solutions depending on customer requirements. With a reputation for designing and developing industry firsts, CEM continuously develops hardware to incorporate the very latest in technology

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AC2000 access control – when security is paramount

In a fast moving world you can rely on CEM AC2000; a powerful, flexible access control and security management system.

AC2000 access control and security management system has been successfully installed at some of the world’s largest facilities including oil refineries, ports, airports, hospitals, casinos, universities, corporate premises and more. Continuously developed to meet the most complex of security needs, AC2000 provides a highly stable, proven solution for installations where security is of paramount importance.

AC2000 access control has the ability to integrate with and display alarms from third party security systems such as video, intrusion, intercoms and perimeter detection making it a complete security management system.

From a small building to a large multi-site facility with tens of thousands of users, CEM has a solution to meet your needs.

Industry-leading access control hardware

With a reputation for designing and developing industry firsts, CEM continuously develops hardware to incorporate the very latest in technology. 

From intelligent card readers and controllers, fully integrated biometric solutions, portable card readers and Power over Ethernet technology, to the revolutionary emerald touch screen terminal, CEM access control hardware offers an innovative, highly reliable solution that meets your unique security and business requirements.


CEM has a solution for all sizes. The proven CEM AC2000 product range offers reliable security management for small through to large, multi-site applications.


Security Management Systems AC2000

Powerful and fully integrated security management system

AC2000 is a powerful access control and security management system (SMS). Continuously developed to meet the most complex of security needs, AC2000 provides a highly stable, proven solution for installations where security is of paramount importance.

The AC2000 Server, running on the Linux operating system, provides a highly sophisticated level of power and system resilience, whilst Windows® based operator workstations present the user with a familiar, easy to use front-end interface. AC2000 supports CEM’s range of industry-leading Serial and Ethernet hardware products.

In addition CEM offers:

  • ID Badging
  • Time & Attendance Reporting
  • Biometric Readers
  • Visitor Management
  • Integrated Alarm Monitoring
  • and more…


Intelligent, multi-functional access terminal

With its sleek design and state of the art 4.3” LCD touch screen, the emerald range offers card reader and controller functionality, scramble keypad for PIN security, fully integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) intercom and optional fingerprint biometric security, all in one powerful touch screen terminal.

Utilising a built-in microphone and speaker, emerald provides fully integrated audio intercom functionality at the door, enabling communication between the terminal and a dedicated CEM Intercom workstation.

emerald also uniquely enables data normally only available on the AC2000 client PC to be accessed locally at the door (Remote Applications) for functions including reader maintenance, room bookings, display of advertisements, visitor information and much more. emerald not only controls access to restricted areas but also opens up a world of infinite possibilities by bringing CEM AC2000 intelligence directly to the door.


Portable hand-held card reader

The S3040 is a lightweight and rugged hand-held portable card reader for use with the CEM AC2000 access control system. It can be used for ID card validation at temporary entrances or remote sites which have no power, and can be used as a mobile device for random checks within pre-defined zones.

A large full colour TFT touch screen provides quick and easy navigation and also provides information about card validity, including cardholder details (cardholder photograph, name, job title and card validity). The cardholder image display on the S3040 reader provides visual verification which is ideal for mustering support and minimizing the threat of card sharing.

Up to 200,000 card ID’s can be held in the reader’s database for differentiation between authorised and unauthorised personnel and up to 8,000 offline card swipe transactions can also be stored for on-line transmission to the AC2000 system. Card technologies supported include 125kHz HID Proximity, MiFare or DESFire CSN, HID iClass/iClass SE, PicoPass Sector and CEM DESFire.

sPass DESFire Smart Card Reader

Contactless, encrypted smart card reader

A cost effective contactless smart card reader with powerful security and encryption features. The sPass reader utilizes 128bit AES encryption, 3DES (Triple DES) encryption and highly secure DESFire technology. It is designed to be connected to the CEM DCM 350 or eDCM 380 (Door Controller) with encrypted RS485 serial communications between the sPass reader and the controller.

Combined as one solution, the sPass reader and DCM 350 or DCM 380 controller range offers a cost effective solution which combats against the threats of card cloning and Wiegand controller signal cloning.

The sPass reader is designed for use with CEM’s pre-personalized DESFire smart card. With a pre-personalized card memory, the CEM DESFire smart card holds up to 28 different security applications. Using 3DES or AES 128 bit encryption, memory keys are securely stored on the DESFire smart card. No keys permanently reside within the sPass reader, with each card having uniquely encrypted keys for high levels of security.

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