Boxphish – Automated Cyber Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation Solution

About Boxphish

UK based, founded in 2018, Boxphish has grown to become a leading player in the Cyber Awareness Market, delivering thousands of simulations and education journeys on a monthly basis. Boxphish are a business that prides itself on Customer Success. Boxphish continually develops and invests in their product, provide visibility of their road map and listen to their customers.

The Boxphish mission is simple, they want to make our clients more cyber aware. They achieve this by identifying risk areas and potential vulnerabilities within your ecosystem. In over 90% of cyber attacks, there is a human element that has failed.  Their mission is to turn your people into the equivalent of a human firewall.

We begin this journey by delivering targeted phishing simulations to identify vulnerability and then deliver tailored, engaging and interactive learning journeys to address the vulnerabilities. ultimately creating a culture of cyber awareness and security for your people.



Train your team how to spot cyber attacks with Boxphish

Your people are not your weakest link, but your greatest strength – if educated properly. Should a cyber threat bypass your existing email security measures, your people are your most valuable asset in protecting your organisation.

The Facts

74% of all cyber attacks start in the inbox
92% of Malware is delivered via email
14% of global Phishing is aimed at Office 365 account takeovers
14% of global Phishing is aimed at Office 365 account takeovers
More than 35% of leaders think their site will suffer a cyber breach in the next 12 months
Over 90% of Cyber Attacks involve Staff Error

Pre-built Learning Journeys

The Boxphish pre built learning journeys are tailored to each organisation to create a well-rounded, progressive educational programme. By working with businesses to identify key cyber areas of concern, our clients are able to pin point and develop these knowledge gaps across their workforce. Once happy with their chosen pain points, relevant training is delivered to their end users over the agreed period of time, at their chosen frequency.

Engaging Training Content

For any training to be effective, content has to be engaging, which is why our mission is to create varied material tailored to specific learning types. By incorporating a multi-channel approach which includes videos, infographics, quizzes and role play our material is catered for all. This diversity, combined with regular, bite sized delivery allows the training to be non-disruptive to staff members day to day roles, but also enables learning optimization as users do not become bored, distracted and disengaged.

SaaS Based

Securely hosted in the cloud, reducing the burden on IT resources.

Protecting Against Email Threats

Custom Simulation to identify risk profiles within end users.

University & Training Resources

Access to industry leading content, created by Cyber Security Experts.

Building Your Human Firewalls

Through diverse and on-going training modules.

Reporting & Analytics

Access to a data driven reporting suite to measure risk reduction.

Office 365 Integration

Seamless integration with O365 to support access.


Boxphish’s Cyber Security & Awareness Training Software is designed to improve the online security knowledge of end users and reduce their level of risk this is achieved via email threat simulation and on going, diverse training.

Cyber Awareness Training should form a key part of any Cyber Security Strategy

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