Join Cloudpath Networks’ Founder and CEO, Kevin Koster, and Ruckus’ Director of Product & Technical Marketing, GT Hill for a live on-demand demo exploring the Chromebook capabilities of XpressConnect ES when integrated with your Ruckus WiFi infrastructure.

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Chromebooks are quickly becoming an integral part of IT, providing simple, secure, and cost-effective mobility in environments ranging from enterprise to education. Built for WiFi, the ability to deliver simple, encrypted, and uninterrupted WiFi service is critical to the success of a Chromebook rollout.

To enable encrypted, reliable WiFi, Cloudpath, a Ruckus Company, delivers industry-first Chromebook support for automated certificate distribution, to enable WPA2-Enterprise, without the need for IT involvement.

Capabilities include:

  • Support for managed and unmanaged (BYOD) Chromebooks
  • Management of device and user certificates
  • Integration with Chrome Admin Console
  • Support for Active Directory, LDAP, or Single Sign-on Authentication via Google
  • Support beyond Chromebooks for most BYOD OSes
  • If you would like some more information on Ruckus and the Cloudpath integration email us at, call us on 01473 281 211 or go via our contacts page.

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