Bodet is proud to announce the release of Harmonys Trio, the next evolution in its Audio Sounder range

Harmonys Trio combines all of Bodet’s audio and time measurement expertise in the form of an innovative multi-function wall-mounted sounder. This three-in-one IP/PoE unit features audio alerts, an LED display and a flash visual indicator.

As it provides multiple functions in just one device, Harmonys Trio reduces the amount of hardware and infrastructure required. Our software gives you full control and customisation of these additional features, with settings for customisable zones or your whole premises.

Harmonys Trio can integrate into an existing or new Harmonys System, allowing scheduled audio broadcasts such as class change and shift change, emergency alerts such as lockdown, PA functionality, Synchronised Clocks and streaming music, all in one solution.

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New Triple Functional Audio Sounder from Bodet Ensures Clear Messaging Every Time

Bodet has introduced a new generation of multi-functional audio sounders for their IP POE Harmony’s emergency alert sounder and PA system. As well as a high-quality sounder, Harmony’s Trio incorporates a flashing light to provide a visual alert and an LED scrolling message display to reinforce the audible announcement.

Harmonys Trio 3 in 1 Audio SounderIn schools, Harmonys can broadcast messages or bell sounds to indicate class change, unique alerts in the event of an emergency, and social distancing and face-covering reminders. For manufacturing sites, shift and break announcements can be broadcast throughout the site in addition to streaming music. Organisations open to the public can ensure that both employees and visitors are fully aware of all safety procedures in force to minimise transmission of COVID-19.

The sounder volume level is adjustable up to 90db at 1 metre and can broadcast bell sounds, melodies and live or recorded voice announcements. It can also stream audio from an integrated source.

In standby mode, Harmony’s Trio displays the time synchronised by a master clock. This ensures accurate time is displayed across all devices and automatically adjusts for Spring/Autumn clock changes. When an alert is activated, the LED display changes to a scrolling text message of up to 50 characters to reinforce the audio message.

Harmonys Trio with Audio - LED Display - FlashThe flash was incorporated to enable everyone, including those with hearing difficulties, to be alerted. This ensures compliance with information accessibility implemented in many countries so everybody on site is fully aware of what’s happening and what to do. Should a silent alert be required, the flash draws attention to the text message on the LED display.

Bodet’s managing director, Richard Manby commented, “Three devices incorporated into one unit reduces capital outlay, speeds up installation and enables more efficient use of energy. Schools, businesses and all organisations open to the public must be able to alert everyone on site not only to routine information but also to outside intrusions, attacks, natural disasters, and much more. In these emergency situations, responsiveness makes all the difference. The visual support to audio announcements that Harmony’s Trio provides ensures that everybody is immediately aware, the messaging is clear and there is no confusion. This allows everybody to take the right action swiftly and effectively, so safety is ensured.”

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