Thermal imaging has evolved past just seeing in the dark, the uses of this technology vary but can be applied to protection, warning, asset management and health.

More and more industrial companies, public institutions, authorities and health organization’s use thermal imaging technology to protect their assets, personnel and provide proactive warning systems.

By using heat signatures and applying ranges based on the environment and the application MOBOTIX Thermal Solutions mitigate overheating, risk of fires, identify elevated temperatures and enable first-line defence in complete darkness as well as during the day.

With MOBOTIX overlay you can distinguish actual event’s, risk areas and react faster while still having a secure overview of the area in question.

Optionally, MOBOTIX can also provide thermal cameras and sensor modules with integrated TR technology and calibrated high-end thermal image sensor with a NETD sensitivity of 50 mK. Thermal Radiometry indicates that in addition to the existing MOBOTIX thermal camera functions, these cameras can measure thermal radiation in the entire image area and assign a temperature value per pixel.

Measurement accuracy and calibration of TR technology

These measured values can be used to trigger an event (camera alarm, network message, activation of a switching output, etc.) when a predetermined value is exceeded or not reached, depending on the logic programmed.

The ideal measuring object is a black body with emissivity 1, bare metals are at values of 0.1 and lower (bodies with reflecting surfaces have generally a lower emissivity), human skin has an emissivity of typ. 0.98. On the other hand, the camera measures not only the radiation coming from the object itself but also that reflected back from other objects, for example from a table or window. For more information on emissivities, please refer to section 7 of this brochure.

To increase the measuring accuracy, a black body radiator is often used in practice. This is installed directly next to the measuring object and enables an exact reference value adjustment. Furthermore, the closer an object is to the camera and the more stable environmental conditions are, the more accurate the measurement can be. For example, if it is foggy or the air is dusty, this can be taken into account by measuring the transmission and entering the value in the camera software.

What MOBOTIX high-end TR technology can do

  • Detection of persons/objects that “stand out” in terms of temperature
  • Display of temperature differences from 0.1°C (3.4°F )
  • Exceeding or falling below defined temperature limits triggers an event (alarm, network message, activation of a switching output)
  • Screening via special TR windows or the complete sensor image
  • Temperature range from -40 to 550°C (-40 to 1022°F)

If you are interested in finding out how thermal imaging might be used in your environments, please complete one of our contact forms and a member of the team will be in touch. We can arrange product demonstrations and answer any questions you may have.