Net-Ctrl recently attended the Ruckus UK&I partner conference in Newport, Wales where we got the chance to hear from the senior leadership team and SE community at Ruckus about the latest technologies and market updates.

The conference also hosted the annual partner awards, Net-Ctrl had been nominated for two awards based on FY23 performance and commitments and was awarded the Ruckus UKI Education Partner of the Year 2023 by the senior leadership team.

This award is a small demonstration of our ability to deliver in a competitive WLAN market and partner community. This is something we’re really proud to have achieved and gives us comfort that what we’re striving towards is working.

If I were to consider how we got here I would be looking at the following points:

Market Understanding – Net-Ctrl has been working in the EDU space for over 20 years and partnered with Ruckus for 16 of those. This has given us a great understanding of the market and the challenges within.

Understanding of Technology – Net-Ctrl has invested in our SE and Project Management teams to ensure they have a deep understanding of the technology. It is our view, that even if you’re talking to a “sales” person they should understand the core principles of the technology and be able to advise clients on their options or spot any “gotcha” moments to save unnecessary expense

Portfolio and Integration – Net-Ctrl skillset extends beyond Wi-Fi, we have invested in the skills and understanding to design and deliver end-to-end wired, onboarding, analytics and management solutions.

Trust – At Net-Ctrl we pride ourselves on giving honest advice. This approach over our 20+year history has established trust within our client base and bought repeat business and word-of-mouth opportunities.

Partner Status – Net-Ctrl is a top-tier Ruckus partner – one of only 11 in the UK. This partnership status gives us access to some of the best discounts, and best available resources in the Ruckus community. This enables us to save money for our clients.

At Net-Ctrl we are never a company to rest on our laurels – we work in a constantly changing marketplace, and with unparallelled client and user demands. We’re working hard to retain this status within the Ruckus partner community.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re considering your Wi-Fi or switching estates – please come and speak to us and hopefully you’ll see why we’re trusted to deliver Ruckus in schools and colleges throughout the UK.