We’re currently offering the MOBOTIX i25 and c25 indoor IP CCTV cameras for less than £300 each.

The MOBOTIX i25 and c25 are both equipped with extremely high-sensitive 5 megapixel sensor, recording high contrast images without motion blur even in low light situations.

The solutions both incorporate hemispheric technology providing you with a 180 degrees view with no blind spots.

Unlike competitors, hemispheric distortion correction takes place in the MOBOTIX camera and not later on the computer. This drastically reduces the image data before it is transferred and saved. This decentralised MOBOTIX solution lowers the volume of network traffic and allows dozens of hemispheric cameras to be displayed on a computer or smartphone

All MOBOTIX cameras are built with the intention to be maintenance free, so there are no heaters fans or other moving parts.

In addition there is no licensing or software fees, and you will get free of charge updates.

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