MOBOTIX completes its MOBOTIX 7 camera series with the MOBOTIX v71, c71, and p71 indoor cameras. Maximum MOBOTIX 7 performance without needing costly weather protection enables lower system prices than outdoor versions. In addition, the indoor models can be operated particularly energy-savingly in PoE Class 3 (max. 12.95 W). Depending on the application area, in many cases, the maximum illumination intensity or peripheral devices supplied via USB are not required. It is easy to switch to the higher PoE+ class for full power requirements via the camera software.

Best image quality day and night – premium equipment with extensive lens selection
The hemispherical c71 has a detailed 360° HiRes image sensor with 4K resolution, automatic day and night switching, and IR light. The v71 and p71 indoor domes – with and without domes – are available with 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) or maximum light-sensitive 4MP Ultra LowLight day & night sensors and lenses with 15° up to 120° (120° only for p71) horizontal viewing angle.

The new p71 is particularly eye-catching. It not only impresses with its distinctive design but also does without a dome, which completely avoids potential light reflections and thus guarantees the best possible view. For indoor applications with maximum lens and vandalism protection, such as in public buildings, the robust dome variant v71 with IK10 polycarbonate dome is recommended. In general, the wide range of lenses, the use of high-quality components and materials (e.g., aluminum housing), the additional IR LEDs integrated into all models, and the high-resolution light-sensitive sensors ensure reliability, durability, and brilliant image quality in all lighting conditions.

Anything is possible – far more than just security applications
All new video systems are part of the open MOBOTIX 7 platform, designed to meet the most demanding challenges, using AI-based apps that enable customized and future-proof solutions.

“Video technology has long since gone beyond pure security applications,” said MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten. “Our intelligent systems detect hazards, support processes and workflows, and relieve the burden on people and equipment in many applications. For example, in healthcare, the systems take over monitoring tasks for nursing staff, freeing them up to provide more intensive personal care. In industry, we have already been able to achieve impressive savings through targeted process monitoring for companies in various sectors,” says Lausten. “In some cases, the cameras pay for themselves in just a few months.”

This is made possible by appropriately powerful and expandable hardware and by the open software platform, on which even resource-hungry applications based on artificial intelligence can be operated with high performance. Each MOBOTIX 7 camera, therefore, comes with a comprehensive range of integrated applications. Optionally, applications from well-known partner companies and individual applications that fully meet a customer’s needs and areas of application can be developed and integrated.

“Our previous MOBOTIX 7 camera models were primarily designed as outdoor cameras. With the indoor versions, we now offer a more cost-effective option – also in the long term thanks to further reduced power consumption – for using MOBOTIX 7 applications wherever the complex weather protection of the outdoor models is not necessary,” explains Lausten.

MOBOTIX 7 Indoor-  3 Camera Series Models


Specifications of the MOBOTIX 7 indoor cameras

As is customary at MOBOTIX, the systems developed in-house are hand-assembled and intensively tested in Langmeil. Thomas Lausten is particularly proud of this: “Our “Made in Germany” quality standard, the diligence of each employee, and, of course, the cybersecurity that is constantly verified by penetration tests are essential factors that set us apart from our competitors as a MOBOTIX family.

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