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Enterprises face a number of challenges in a continually evolving and technically demanding world. We’re becoming increasingly dependent on internet connectivity in order to maintain employee productivity and customer satisfaction. This connectivity needs to be secure, and offer rock-solid performance for businesses to thrive.

These are just some of the challenges that the modern enterprise face and most may not have specialised IT staff to keep everything running smoothly and effectively. This is where Net-Ctrl comes in. Net-Ctrl is a dedicated technology integrator. We will support you every step of the way from initial project design right through to on-going support post-installation. We have a team of expert project managers and engineers to take the hassle out of finding the right solution for your needs and to integrate and support it in your environment.

Wired and WiFi Solutions by Ruckus Networks

Enterprises rely on worry-free, high-performance Wi-Fi and networking to spark growth and boost productivity. With Net-Ctrl and Ruckus, Wi-Fi for business is both easy and affordable. Turn any space into a workspace with dependable network coverage. Easily set up different types of secure guest networks on the fly to engage with customers, partners, suppliers, and contractors. Ruckus access points (APs) and switches offer superior coverage and capacity, so you can grow without going over budget.

You also don’t need specialised IT staff or extensive training to deploy and manage your Ruckus small business Wi-Fi solutions. With Ruckus, it just works, and combined with Net-Ctrl support team you have the back-up should anything go wrong.

Running Your Business Over Wi-Fi

In a world increasingly dependent on internet connectivity, employee productivity and customer satisfaction depend on uninterrupted network access. You want the best Wi-Fi AP for your business. Ruckus APs and switches incorporate patented technologies for superior throughput, coverage, and capacity.

Ruckus also ensures a rock-solid foundation for cloud-based business applications that make you more competitive, including: mobile inventory management, point-of-sale, collaboration services, customer relationship management, and ecommerce.

Wi-Fi for Business Gains and Cost Reductions

As you expand your small business Wi-Fi network, you want to be conservative with costs. Ruckus products and services are built with cost savings in mind. Here are just a few of the ways we achieve that for you:

  • Ruckus Unleashed and Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi keep costs down by eliminating the need for on-premises controllers and reducing dependence on expensive IT resources.
  • Use Ruckus APs with SmartMesh to eliminate high cabling costs in large spaces (like warehouses) and strengthen redundancy. Both Ruckus Unleashed and Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi support meshing.
  • Ruckus APs offer better capacity and coverage (handing as much as 50% more clients than competitive solutions). Fewer APs needed means savings on licenses, cable runs, switch ports, and power.
  • Ruckus ICX switches offer easily upgradeable and scalable high-performance connectivity for APs, VoIP phones and other network devices.  Available with silent operation (i.e. no fan noise) in rack-mount or compact 12-port form factor.

Build a Cyber Security Plan with Fortinet

Fortinet Enterpise Business Security Solutions deliver a path to consolidate security into a handful of easy-to-manage solutions spanning network, cloud, and endpoint security that automatically share threat intelligence and scale as your business grows to protect against threats like ransomware. Cloud-based, centralized management simplifies ongoing operations with business-driven rules and policies so you can quickly consume new technology while keeping your business safe from attack. When your technology effectively stops attacks and automatically communicates to reduce false alerts and maintenance, workloads drop and securing your business suddenly becomes much easier.

Step 1: Secure Office Networking

Protect data as it moves across your network and enable safe access to the cloud.

Start with a Network Security
A next-generation firewall (NGFW) along with switches and wireless access points give your business the critical protection, flexibility and scale you need to quickly grow while minimizing risk. NGFWs replace traditional routers and give you the visibility and control you need to maximize your network.

Built in secure SD-WAN enables safe access to the cloud and maximizes performance when working with cloud-based applications.

Step 2: Secure Cloud Applications & Email

Build out your secure cloud-connected office.

Adopt SaaS Securely
Protecting data and users while they consume software-as-a-service applications actually falls on the business rather than the vendor—something that surprises many businesses. A cloud access security broker (CASB) offers a layer of protection within these applications to prevent sensitive information from leaking out and stop malware from getting in and spreading.

Email Security
Email traffic is handled separately from network traffic inspected by firewalls. Email offers attackers a means to utilize social engineering and phishing to send malicious files and get users to unknowingly click malicious links. Greatly reduce your risk by inspecting attachments, analyzing files, and checking for malicious links.

Step 3: Endpoint and Remote User Protection

Protect your users whether they are in the office or on the move.

Endpoint Security
When users leave the office, they are no longer attached to your network security unless they use a virtual private network (VPN) to connect back. The right endpoint security protects your users with similar technology utilized at the firewall to detect and block basic and advanced attacks.

Remote Users and VPN
We want to give our users the ability to work from home, the airport, or wherever work may take them, but we must do so in a secure way. VPN creates an encrypted path back to the office network, providing security as if the user was sitting at their desk.

Step 4: Cloud-Based Management and Analytics

Streamline and simplify security, management, and ongoing operations.

Cloud-Based Management
The ability to quickly and easily log in, access critical information, and take action can save a business during a security incident. Cloud-based management gives you access anywhere internet is available, and managing multiple devices from a single-pane-of-glass further simplifies ongoing operations.

Consume Security-as-a-Service
Enjoy the benefits of SaaS for your security applications through a single vendor offering to maintain consistency, control, and visibility across your entire security infrastructure.

Surveillance and CCTV Security Solutions

Traditional CCTV, IP CCTV or a different solution entirely. Businesses aren’t short of options when considering surveillance to protect their buildings and assets. Net-Ctrl can help guide you through the process and ensure that you are selecting the best equipment and software for your circumstances.

Net-Ctrl work with two leading CCTV manufactures, MOBOTIX and Illustra.

Despite their extremely low system costs, the MOBOTIX indoor cameras feature all coveted MOBOTIX functions, such as hemispheric technology. Since distances are shorter indoors, a hemispheric video system with a fisheye lens and 360° all-round view (ceiling installation) or 180° panorama view (wall installation) is often the most efficient solution for indoor surveillance. A single camera can discreetly monitor an entire room without any blind spots.

MOBOTIX cameras can be configured and operated via PC, tablet or smartphone browser without requiring additional software. Thanks to optional HD audio equipment, all four indoor variants support two-way communication and can be recorded in a securely encrypted way to the internal SD card. The cameras also include intelligent video analysis tools for statistics on objects and people, heat maps and behavioral detection. In brief, MOBOTIX provides a cutting-edge, out-of-the-box solution for nearly all video applications inside buildings, from theft investigation to customer flow analysis.

The Illustra Pro camera line is a premiere IP camera offering with resolutions from 2MP to 12MP and form factors of compact mini-dome, mini-dome, bullet, micro, fisheye, and PTZ.

The Illustra Pro cameras feature advanced video intelligence analytics designed to augment the overall system while off-setting computing from the VMS. Select Pro cameras feature Smart Wide Dynamic Range, and Illustra technology that effectively reads the scene and adjusts overall scene balance without operator intervention.

The Illustra Pro cameras are ready for on-board video recording and have a zero license cost when used with VideoEdge® NVRs. The Pro camera portfolio now features VideoEdge TrickleStor, a highly-integrated camera to NVR connectivity solution that protects against video loss. Additionally, the new “Secure Boot” cybersecurity feature available in the third generation of cameras ensures the camera will not boot if the software has tampered with in any way

Access Control for your Enterprise

CEM Systems is a leading provider of access control and fully integrated security management systems.

Originating from a computer background and with over 25 years experience in the IT & security industry, CEM is unique in that it has developed a strong understanding of the IT issues and strategies that companies have in place. High quality, innovative security solutions are built with this understanding in mind. As one of the few manufacturers that design and produce all their own hardware and system software, CEM can fully customise solutions depending on customer requirements. With a reputation for designing and developing industry firsts, CEM continuously develops hardware to incorporate the very latest in technology

Net-Ctrl have invested in CEM training to become approved with a certified competency in the CEM product range.

IT Support for your business

Net-Ctrl offers two packages for our clients that are based around your individual requirements. A breakdown has been provided below, but please contact Net-Ctrl for a bespoke IT solution support arrangement.

Gold Package

We appreciate that not all organisations will have a dedicated in house IT professional(s) at hand to administer updates and upkeep of your new equipment. Net-Ctrl can offer a managed service to our customers in this position.

On taking up the Gold Package, Net-Ctrl agree to maintain your product(s), applying and installing updates and patches onto your system, as well as solving any issues you may experience with the equipment via a fault finding service.

The Gold Package also covers:

  • System Back-ups
  • Change Requests
  • Admins Tasks

Why choose the Net-Ctrl Gold Package?

The Gold Package is designed for companies who have no in-house IT expertise capable of looking after the equipment and its upkeep, or an organisation who does not have enough time to train your current IT expertise on the new equipment. You will have an external fully trained technician on hand when you need them, to solve any sort of problems and manage your equipment for you.

Choosing the Gold Package means that you have the reassurance knowing that Net-Ctrl is on hand to help and get you back up and running.

Silver Package

The Silver Support Package is a remote service package. We will provide you with the ability to log problems with your products, which we will endeavour to solve as soon as possible, a rough guide to our response times can be seen below:

Priorities and response times

  • Severe: Receives attention within 2 hours depending on the engineer’s assessment.
  • High: Receives attention within 8 hours.
  • Medium: These will receive attention within 24hrs but most probably within 8hrs. These will be scheduled for resolution within 1-2 working days.
  • Low: will be scheduled for resolution within 2-3 working days. Low priority generally includes requests for new functionality such as software upgrades.

Why choose the Silver Support Package?

This package is designed for companies who have a trained or knowledgeable in-house IT team, capable of operating the equipment and administering upgrades, patches and solving minor problems, but need assistance on the deeper more major issues that may arise. In this case your team will have the comfort knowing they can contact a fully trained technician to help fix these issues getting your system or equipment back up and running.

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Net–Ctrl is a leading UK value-add technology reseller. Our mission is to provide technology solutions and services that enable our customers to exist safely and efficiently in a complex digital world.

We always take a consultative approach to business. Our role is to find what is important to your organisation, to advise you on best practice and to find products and services that meet your demands. We understand that each of our customers is unique so finding the right balance of cost, functionality and performance is key to our recommendations and your final choice.

We have been operating for over 15 years and developed expertise in network security and infrastructure, wireless, IP-CCTV and building access control solutions. We have handpicked a wide product range with respected companies offering innovative and sophisticated technologies that we believe truly deliver in the workplace


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Predictive, Pre-Deployment, Post Installation and Health Check Wireless Surveys carried out by certified wireless engineers.

We look at Wi-Fi fundamentals, explore the benefits of and technology behind Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E and what the future holds for Wi-Fi 7

Net-Ctrl provide network and structured cabling solutions as either a stand-alone installation, or to compliment products and solutions that we offer.

Connect-the-Classroom scheme  is allowing schools to upgrade their infrastructure to a solution that should last 10 years

Net-Ctrl provides two excellent support packages in addition to any equipment purchased. Find out about our Silver or Gold support package

IP-CCTV site survey to assess camera locations and requirement and existing Mobotix solution health checks.

Net-Ctrl offers our Cloud WLAN. Delivering market-leading patented technology managed by the Net-Ctrl engineering team.

We provide an automated Cybersecurity awareness training solution covering both simulated phishing and training courses.

Net-Ctrl offers a range of wireless network solutions. We explore some common questions related to these solutions.

Offering end-to-end, affordable and competitive financing solutions to help you achieve your business goals. 

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