Care and Nursing Homes

New and improved technologies are becoming more widely available and adopted within the healthcare market as new solutions expand the horizons of both medicine and medical interactions. There will always be a challenge on the hands of the IT departments working within healthcare trusts as they search for a fine balance between driving efficiency and innovation in the workplace whilst also keeping an eye on the budget.

Net-Ctrl has the experience and knowledge to match needs with the correct technologies, which will enable changes and improvements to your daily operations, and improve the interaction between your residents, staff and medical professionals.

Delivering WiFi with Ruckus Networks

Net-Ctrl partner with Ruckus Networks, a leading high-performance network access infrastructure manufacturer. Ruckus continues to innovate across both wireless and wired technologies to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Net-Ctrl invests time and effort to make sure your project works efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to keep people and organisations connected and improve quality and standards of care through innovative solutions. Benefits include:

  • Offer customers a modern network service that puts your resident’s needs first.
  • Help the elderly connect with their younger family members.
  • Boost morale in your working environment.
  • Help residents feel part of society again and make the feelings of loneliness and isolation, a thing of the past.
  • Optimise your organisation to run at maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Wi-Fi for residents

Transitioning to life in a care home can be an anxious time for residents. However, technology has the power to make this a less isolating and more positive experience, by helping to keep friends and families connected.

  • Downloading books and games keeps minds active.
  • Facebook allows residents to stay in touch with loved ones and feel part of their daily lives.
  • Skype keeps residents connected over long distances, when families are unable to visit regularly.
  • In-room Wi-Fi offers privacy and peace of mind.
  • Emails allow residents to arrange visits and catch up on news.
  • Residents can watch videos of hobbies they enjoyed in the past, which helps to stimulate memories.

Introducing residents to the internet has numerous mental health benefits, improves morale and is a simple way to enrich lives and keep residents connected to the outside world.

Benefits of Wi-Fi for your organisation

The installation of a Wi-Fi network can significantly improve and enhance the medical services you offer residents.

Manage medication electronically

  • Connect to GPs and chemists outside of your care home.
  • Simplify your medication management and procedures.
  • Allow GPs to access medical records and put patients at ease in the comfort of their own room

Manage care plans electronically

  • Make life easier for managers and staff with one central, integrated system.
  • Simplify admin tasks and data entry to keep patient records secure and accurate.
  • Provide an efficient system that allows carers to spend more time with patients.

Currently only a fifth of care homes offers Wi-Fi as a service. 

Becoming internet connected allows you to care for every aspect of your resident’s well-being and helps differentiate your care home from the rest.

As well as wireless and wired networking, Net-Ctrl work with Care Homes on a number of other technologies including IP-CCTV, IP-Audio, access control and lockdown technologies.

Net-Ctrl have worked with many organisations of all sizes and delivered technology solutions that have changed and improved the way they work.

Our experienced team will listen to your individual needs and work with you to create a network that meets your specific requirements.

We understand that you are working to a budget and will make sure we find the right solution for you – ensuring your care home network is secure, fast, robust and guaranteed to give you reliable coverage in the future.

Your resident’s data protection and confidentiality are hugely important and Net-Ctrl works hard to ensure your network is fully secure and has restricted data access to unauthorised personnel.

Finally, we will provide you with the tools and know-how to understand your new network and provide technical assistance and additional services whenever you need them – putting you in control.


Additional Information

Predictive, Pre-Deployment, Post Installation and Health Check Wireless Surveys carried out by certified wireless engineers.

IP-CCTV site survey to assess camera locations and requirement and existing Mobotix solution health checks.

Net-Ctrl provide network and structured cabling solutions as either a stand-alone installation, or to compliment products and solutions that we offer.

Net-Ctrl offers our Cloud WLAN. Delivering market-leading patented technology managed by the Net-Ctrl engineering team.