The way people work has changed, networks have had to adapt. The transition to remote work and the addition of personal devices (BYOD) have led to an increase in SaaS applications and adoption of multi-cloud networks. These shifts have changed the attack surface dramatically. In fact, IDC predicts that by 2023, more than 50% of new IT infrastructure deployment will be at the edge. Because this new network environment needs to be managed and secured, organizations are looking more seriously at implementing technologies like Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

According to a recent ESG report, “The State of Zero trust Security Strategies,” only 13% of organizations have strong adherence to zero-trust principles and 54% have been working on zero trust for less than two years. Although 74% are very familiar with the concepts, 76% expect zero trust to be complex to implement.

With the release of FortiTrust, Fortinet is working to counter that perception by expanding our roster of security services which currently include FortiCare and FortiGuard.

FortiTrust Security Services

FortiTrust adds to Fortinet’s existing FortiCare and FortiGuard Security Services. FortiCare offers advanced support and proactive care for Fortinet products, and FortiGuard Security Services offers AI-enabled security capabilities that assess risks and adjust protection across the Fortinet Security Fabric. And now the new FortiTrust offering makes it easier to add security services with user-based licensing for specific use cases, such as ZTNA or MFA.

With a user-based subscription model, FortiTrust offers a comprehensive, flexible set of security services that use cloud and network-based resources. Although delivering the use case may involve device agents, hardware appliances, and cloud services, the use case is implemented through the single license.

The cloud-forward architecture and user-based licensing structure simplifies the purchase and ongoing management of end-user security. Because FortiTrust licenses work on a user basis, you don’t need to worry about device counts or form factor.

Getting started is simple. You pick the service:

  • FortiTrust Access for ZTNA to extend secure access controls to applications for any user, whether they are on or off the network.
  • FortiTrust Identity for cloud-based MFA which provides the identify verification required to control application access.

The costs are based on the number of users you want to protect. The FortiTrust security services also include FortiCare support.

Unlike siloed solutions that complicate licensing with a mixture of device-based, appliance-based, and cloud-based fees, FortiTrust brings everything you need together with user-based pricing. You get clear visibility into what you’re spending and you can easily adjust as your workforce changes. Because the services are offered individually on a per-user basis, it’s easy to scale up or down and add or remove services as needed.

Licensing Per User Instead of Per Device with FortiTrust

If you are already using FortiClient, you may wonder how FortiTrust Access is different. FortiClient ZTNA with Cloud EMS is a per-device license while FortiTrust Access is a per-user license. The two solutions offer the same features; they both contain VPN and ZTNA agents for remote access, as well as URL filtering and USB control. With FortiClient, you buy device license packs based on the number of devices that need to access the corporate network. Because the licensing for FortiTrust Access is based on the number of users instead of devices, it can make the process easier for some organizations. You can buy licenses based on the exact number of users you have, which can simplify tracking and forecasting. Users can be transitioned across various form factors, which helps organizations with hybrid architectures support both on-premises and cloud-delivered security.

FortiTrust Access and FortiTrust Identity

FortiTrust’s initial services portfolio includes FortiTrust Access and FortiTrust Identity. Additional services to be released in the future include secure access service edge (SASE) and cloud access security broker (CASB). In addition to providing ZTNA services, FortiTrust Access includes the ZTNA agent and cloud-based orchestration. It builds on Fortinet’s ZTNA solutions that uniquely identify and classify all users and devices that seek network and application access, regardless if users and their devices are on or off the network or applications are on-premises or in a cloud environment. FortiTrust Identity complements FortiTrust Access with the necessary multi-factor authentication recommended for controlling application access.

FortiTrust Protects People, Devices, Applications, and Data Everywhere

FortiTrust expands on the Fortinet Security Fabric’s ability to protect people, devices, applications and data everywhere. It offers a unified services offering to secure organizations across any network, endpoint, or cloud with simplified consumption and one licensing model for all form factors. The expansion of security services to include FortiTrust along with FortiCare and FortiGuard gives organizations the comprehensive and flexible protection they need to secure today’s hybrid and highly distributed networks.

With FortiTrust, it is easier to protect the growing digital attack surface and secure critical devices, data, applications, and connections all the way from the data center to the cloud to the home office, and beyond.

Find out how the Fortinet Security Fabric platform delivers broad, integrated, and automated protection across an organization’s entire digital attack surface to deliver consistent security across all networks, endpoints, and clouds.

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