Curb Vaping and Protect Students with Verkada’s Hybrid Cloud Sensors and Security Solutions

Net-Ctrl and Verkada look at how you can curb vaping by utilising Verkada’s hybrid cloud sensors and security solutions.

The vaping challenge in schools shows no signs of slowing.

It is reported that 1 in 5 teenagers have tried vaping – an increase of ⅓ over a year ago.

In addition:

  • 77% of teens consider it easy to vape at school
  • 61% of vaping teens consider themselves addicted
  • Vaping occurs most often in school bathrooms
  • Around 90% of teachers believe it to be disruptive to the learning environment

In this session, we look at:

  • The state of vaping today
  • Introduction to the Verkada platform
  • How Verkada can help curb vaping
  • The journey after detection
  • Product demo
  • Q+A to close


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