As a result of Microsoft’s decision to end-of-life Windows 7, CEM Systems is also announcing that moving forward the upcoming AC2000 v10.3 software release (due for release May 2020) and onwards will not support Windows 7 workstations.

CEM recommends that all legacy AC2000/Windows 7 users plan to upgrade their AC2000 systems and PC operation systems as soon as possible.

If you would like to discuss the impact that this may have on your access control system, then please do not hesitate to contact your Net-Ctrl account manager directly, or complete a Contact Form.

On 14th January 2020 Microsoft announced the decision to end-of-life Windows 7. As a result of this announcement, Microsoft will no longer release bug fixes or critical security updates required to keep a Windows 7 system protected from current and future threats.

Therefore in line with this statement and to protect against Cyber Security threats, CEM Systems is also announcing that moving forward the upcoming AC2000 v10.3 software release (due for release May 2020) and onwards will not support Windows 7 workstations.

It is therefore important to ensure that all your AC2000 systems and workstations are prepared. CEM recommends that all legacy AC2000/Windows 7 users should plan to upgrade their AC2000 systems and PC operation systems as soon as possible.

Please see below some Frequently Asked Questions to help address your immediate questions and options.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. My current AC2000 access control system is operating on Windows 7 and working without any problems, how will this announcement affect me?

A. CEM Systems recommends that, even though your current system is working now, that you contact your CEM Systems account manager to discuss the requirements and timeline to upgrade to a newer version of AC2000 software as soon as possible. This will pre-empt and prevent any problems in the future, as well as critically protect against Cyber Security threats and vulnerabilities.

Q. Do you have a list of the AC2000 software versions that are supported on compatible Windows workstations?

A. Please see below table:

The AC2000 7.1 software release is the minimum version compatible with a Windows 10 client PC operation system.

Q. I plan on upgrading to AC2000 Windows 10 workstations. Can I use the same install workstation discs that I received when the system was initially commissioned? And will there be any server downtime during the migration that may affect operations?

A. For AC2000 v7.0 systems and onwards, the same original AC2000 client software install workstation discs can be used for the migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This can also be done without having to upgrade the host AC2000 server. Thus customers with multiple client workstations can upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on each PC at a time without affecting other client PC’s currently logged onto the host AC2000 system server. This ensures a smooth migration process and minimizes any disruption that customer’s may have on their daily site operations.

Reminder: Windows 7 users with a current SSA can upgrade their client PC Operating System to Windows 10 and will still continue to receive CEM support under the terms of their current SSA.

Q. What if I do not wish to upgrade my workstations at this time?

A. For customers who are not upgrading their AC2000 software version, provided that you are using a version of AC2000 that is not End of Life and have a valid maintenance contract, then we will continue to support your AC2000 system at this time. However, should a Windows 7 workstation fail, CEM and customers will not be able to source a replacement Windows 7 machine. Likewise in the instance that you need to add a new peripheral device such as a printer, then a compatible Windows 7 driver may not be available.

Please also note that if you are using AC2000 v7.0 and below and your existing AC2000 server or workstation fails, then it will not be possible to restore the AC2000 database onto the latest available
hardware and an upgrade will be required.

Importance of backups: To minimise possible disruption in the case of any problems, CEM Systems always recommends that you back up your AC2000 system regularly. If you require assistance to do this, please contact the CEM Systems support team.

Q. I would like to upgrade to AC2000 v10 software platform, is there a cost?

A. Customers with AC2000 systems covered under a valid Software Support Agreement (SSA) are entitled to receive the latest AC2000 software upgrade scripts and licenses at no extra charge.

Please note that Software Support Agreements do not cover the cost of CEM professional services’ assistance in the implementation of an actual upgrade. CEM recommends that you contact your CEM Systems account manager to discuss the specifics of your existing system and to determine if any additional upgrade costs may be required.

Q. I would like to upgrade to the latest AC2000 v10.3 release. What are the benefits of upgrading?

A. Should you wish to upgrade to AC2000 Windows 10 workstations then CEM recommends upgrading to the upcoming AC2000 v10.3 release.

Why upgrade?

Significant software and hardware product enhancements have been implemented in AC2000 throughout the years. These include a revamped front-end look & feel for the AC2000 core applications, AC2000 Time Hub application, updated emerald terminal server apps and door modes, the new S3050 portable card reader, DCM 400 4-door controller and a wide range of third party building system integrations to name but a few. v10.3 release will also feature lots of new exciting updates including integration of AC2000 with Tyco’s new Insight facial recognition camera.

For a full in depth list of all the latest hardware and software features and benefits announced per software release, then please review the below new product release notifications:

AC2000 v 10.2 July 2019
AC2000 v 10.1 January 2019
AC2000 v 10.0 July 2018
AC2000 v 8.0 March 2017

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