As Verkada has rapidly grown and scaled in the past seven years, so has the impact that we’ve made in the communities that we live and operate in.

Today, more than 1 million Verkada devices are online protecting people and property across 22,000 customers and 70 countries. When we look at the reach of those devices and customers globally, we’re making safer spaces for:

  • 10M+ elementary and secondary school students
  • 3M+ college and graduate school students
  • 1.9M+ retail employees
  • 5.9M+ manufacturing employees
  • 2.2M+ hospitality and restaurant employees
  • 1.4M+ healthcare employees

While our mission is focused on the people and the property that we’re protecting, safety is something that we think about holistically as we build new products and expand our offerings. Ultimately, the platform that we’re building creates a safer environment in which people can live and thrive over the long term. Our inaugural Impact Report demonstrates how we are building a safer, more sustainable future together with our customers, partners, and suppliers.

Sustainable impact built into our products

Verkada plays a meaningful role in how our customers fulfill their sustainability requirements related to the health and safety of their people, their communities, and their environment. Whether it’s our Air Quality Sensors monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ) to alert when harmful pollutants are present and monitoring heating and cooling to optimize energy usage, or Verkada’s platform eliminating the need for energy-intensive on-prem network video recorders (NVRs) and servers – we’re empowering customers to minimize their carbon footprints.

Sustainable impact built into our operations

Our people strategy, designed to support Verkada’s growth and positive impact, is a reflection of our responsibility to create environments, programs, and opportunities that enable our employees and community  to thrive. Some of the steps we’ve taken to embed sustainability into our operations include:

  • Verkada Gives: Our global philanthropic initiative allows us to provide our time, products, and resources to causes that align with our mission. Since Verkada Gives was launched in 2021, we have supported over 100 causes.
  • Commuter Benefits: To help employees reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, we provide $200 per month for each employee to use toward public transit options and other commuting expenses.
  • Office Sustainability: In our offices that serve lunch and dinner, we donate excess food at the end of each day to local soup kitchens, shelters, and non-profit organizations.

Strategy and accountability for our future

We are setting the standard for enterprise building security and management, empowering our customers to operate the world’s safest, most efficient buildings. And as we look to the future, we want to continue to hold ourselves accountable and positively impact our communities. We are committing that we will reach net zero emissions by 2045. While there’s a lot of work ahead to get there, today I’m excited about where we’re already making progress: setting an environmental management system in place to measure carbon footprint, engaging with our vendors and suppliers on enhancing their sustainability practices, and implementing a recycling program for our hardware.

Read the full report here.