With its major global Innovation Splash in November, MOBOTIX AG is placing 18 new hardware and software solutions on the market at once. The first hemispherical camera that combines infrared and LED white light in a single system is a major highlight. In addition, there is a new convenient dome camera, hemispherical modules, and Thermal CIF modules specially designed for perimeter protection for the MOBOTIX7 cameras with up to 105° wide angle of view (FoV). A fiber optic extension system now makes it possible to place the lenses of a single camera (S74) up to 60 meters apart. New intelligent apps and software developments expand the application possibilities of the MOBOTIX7 HighEnd video systems. And last but not least, three new cameras from the MOBOTIX entry-level MOVE series have been added to the portfolio, which for the first time feature a water-repellent nano-coating for the best view even in the rain.

“This comprehensive launch is visible proof of our strategy, which we have been stringently pursuing since the introduction of the open MOBOTIX 7 platform. MOBOTIX is now able to solve every conceivable video technology project worldwide in the future- and cyber-proof manner – regardless of size, the number of locations, requirements or industry,” explained Thomas Lausten, CEO of MOBOTIX AG. “The launch of the MOBOTIX HUB video management system (VMS) in May 2021 was already an important building block. We can now offer both the hardware – i.e., the camera itself – and the software and applications, including VMS for all project sizes from a single source and at our extremely high MOBOTIX security level, as a convincing all-around solution provider.”

Variety of innovations ensures a new launch format

Whether hardware or software, all innovations will be presented to partners and customers on a central launch website. From there, visitors have the opportunity to delve into the versatile in-depth information in detail. “Ultimately, all these individual components of this product release combine with the existing portfolio to create customized solutions for our customers. Through the individual and effective combination of this vast potential, we can meet almost every need of our customers,” explains Hartmut Sprave, MOBOTIX CTO.”

MOBOTIX – Once again, a pioneer in hemispheric technology

MOBOTIX introduced hemispheric technology to the video security market back in 2008. Now, Germany’s video security experts are again playing a pioneering role in the market by combining infrared and LED white light in a 360 omnidirectional camera for the first time. This makes it possible to create color recordings even at night, allowing, for example, the reliable detection of the color of clothing or vehicles. The second, new IoT video system, a classic dome camera, also impresses with its innovations. For example, the manual adjustability has been extended by the third level for more convenience and accuracy. Of course, both video security systems are integrated into the MOBOTIX7 platform, which allows the use of individual camera-integrated analysis software (apps).

High flexible tools: new apps & updates

The MOBOTIX7 platform continues to grow. The current Innovation Splash includes four new apps, some from new software partners. This creates more and more innovative solutions for individual requirements. New intelligent apps and updates to existing apps make video analysis ever more flexible, precise and powerful. By the way, all available Certified camera apps can be used free of charge for 30 days for testing at MOBOTIX. If a customer can`t serve an application with the existing app portfolio, MOBOTIX will work with them to develop the perfect application for their particular requirements.

MOBOTIX MOVE breaks up raindrops

Several new models, some with integrated video analysis, were also released in the MOBOTIX MOVE camera series, an attractively priced entry-level solution for smaller systems and selective additions to more complex projects. One highlight stands out: The new, groundbreaking MOBOTIX EverClear coating uses a special nano-technology that transforms water drops into an ultra-thin water film immediately upon impact. This ensures the best image quality, even in the rain.

Flexibility and Cybersecurity as MOBOTIX Core Values

“We see more and more confirmation of our overall strategy. Companies or authorities are always facing new challenges to protect people, machines, or areas and in the course of process optimization. An existing MOBOTIX7 video system can flexibly cover these tasks, and the installation of suitable apps, without necessarily having to install new cameras,” sums up Lausten. This is a flexible, highly intelligent, future-proof and sustainable solution at the same time. And last but not least, it is highly cyber-secure.” This is also evidenced, among other things, by the certification of the leading institute for penetration tests in Germany from June of this year, which once again confirmed the best possible cyber security of MOBOTIX products and solutions.

Pure security was once – video technology can do much more

Security remains a core competence of video technology. Supported by Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, MOBOTIX cameras can now do much more than that. They support and improve production processes in the industry. Cameras relieve personnel in healthcare. They increase service effectiveness in public institutions and improve security in schools. Retailers improve the shopping experience for their customers and increase their sales potential in the process. And last but not least, camera technology in transportation – keyword “smart city” – offers the best opportunities for safe, relaxed and sustainable travel. “Video technology has the potential to make our lives safer and, above all, easier in the long term,” concludes Thomas Lausten.

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