6 Misconceptions about Network Security

When assessing or implementing network security, misconceptions can be dangerous, leading your company’s data to be at risk and, with it, your reputation, your revenue, and possibly your business. With that in mind, be on guard against these six insidious...

Ruckus Expands “The Pack” on Unleashed

We are excited to announce new updates to the Ruckus Unleashed products, our Wi-Fi option for small organizations with limited IT resources. We are making the Unleashed products easier to manage and install without compromising on performance. We are also releasing...

Predictive, Pre-Deployment, Post Installation and Health Check Wireless Surveys carried out by certified wireless engineers.

IP-CCTV site survey to assess camera locations and requirement and existing Mobotix solution health checks.

Net-Ctrl provide network and structured cabling solutions as either a stand-alone installation, or to compliment products and solutions that we offer.

Net-Ctrl offers our Cloud WLAN. Delivering market-leading patented technology managed by the Net-Ctrl engineering team.