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Ruckus Wireless Provides Smart Wi-Fi for Retail

Faster, pervasive and more dependable Wi-Fi connectivity that works even in crowded store environments is critical for retailers. New location based services and analytics open up a lot of new doors for retailer to explore.

Enter Ruckus Wireless.

The Ruckus Wi-Fi infrastructure is an ideal platform for new retail store applications, as well as providing your shoppers and staff with stable, high performance network accessRuckus-Wireless-ZD-APS-300.

Ruckus has a track record of innovation in superior Wi-Fi, and the performance improvement from its BeamFlex adaptive antenna system in terms of coverage area, speed, and ability to support high density usage. Ruckus Wi-Fi also offers complete Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions that can eliminate technical support requirements while securely connecting shoppers and store associates, even in remote locations.

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Why Choose Ruckus?

Complete Coverage: Here, There, Everywhere

The Ruckus ZoneFlex family of products uses patented BeamFlex™ technology that focuses Wi-Fi signals to ensure the best possible Wi-Fi coverage. ZoneFlex delivers two to four times the coverage and higher throughput using fewer APs, costing less money and enabling faster deployment. Regardless of whether your store is a one-room operation or a huge multi-floor superstore,
Ruckus has a solution for you.

Location Based Services

Ruckus-SPoT-Map-300The explosion of smartphones, tablets and other Wi-Fi capable devices opens the door to new customer-facing and operational applications to improve the in-store experience.

Ruckus Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT™) service, the industry’s first Cloud-based Smart positioning location-based service (LBS), gives you the ability to deliver a wide-range of value added services over Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi networks. Whether you want anonymous traffic analysis to better understand patterns and execute A/B marketing tests, or you want to deliver an opt-in application to provide differentiated services linked to a loyalty program or promotion, Ruckus SPoT seamlessly and securely provides network-based data to drive the included SPoT analytics dashboard or to enable personalised mobile applications. SPoT lets retailers apply online analytic sophistication to the in-store environment.

Dealing With High Density

The critical test for in-store Wi-Fi occurs at peak times, such as during the holidays or back-to- school season. Ruckus BeamFlex technology provides higher performance that gets users on and off the Wi-Fi network quickly, increasing usable capacity. Additional capabilities such as client load balancing, airtime fairness, band steering, and per user rate limiting ensure hundreds of users can be served by each access point while delivering reliable and fast Wi-Fi connectivity

In-Store Applications

Retailers are increasingly leveraging technology to enhance the In-store experience and improve their operating efficiencies.

Examples include:

  • Digital signage applications showing product and store promotions
  • IP video for security or for detailed customer traffic analysis
  • Mobile PoS applications being run from smartphones and tablets. In addition to eliminating lines and enabling store staff to spend more time with customers, this frees up additional space for merchandise and other displays.
  • VoWLAN to enable store associates to stay connected even while on the floor, improving customer service and productivity
  • Inventory tracking using bar-code scanners

Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi was initially designed specifically to optimise and simplify wireless video transmission. ItRuckus-Ipad-300
features heuristics- based traffic classification and prioritisation that automatically recognizes voice and video traffic and applies the appropriate priority and queueing to ensure clear voice calls and flicker-free HD video. The combination of high throughput, pervasive coverage, and automatic traffic prioritisation based on application type delivers optimal performance for any mobile or wireless application.

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Ruckus Wireless Independent Testing

CARNet test results – competing against Aerohive, Aruba, Cisco, Ubiquiti, HP and Xirrus

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