Overland Storage

Data Storage Solutions

Storage is a commodity needed by each and every organisation and arguably contains the most valuable assets of any company -its data. It is important to choose the right solution from a trusted manufacturer. There is much to choose from with storage in terms of technology and manufacturer, we have partnered with Overland Storage who offer a range of award winning data storage solutions.

Overland Storage is a world leading data storage company, their data storage portfolio consists of Tape Libraries, Storage Area Network (SAN) systems and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. The central ethos with the Overland Storage solutions is that the data storage system should take the strain away from the administrator; this ethos can be seen to run through all of their data storage solutions.

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SAN Systems

The Overland Storage SAN system family is better known as the SnapSAN range, this includes the S1000, S3000 and S5000 modular storage arrays. This collection of SAN data storage systems is highly scalable (up to 288TB) and able to meet the needs and demands for companies of all sizes.
The Overland Storage SnapSAN system combines market leading features and performance at an affordable price and will meet your critical business needs.

Key Features:

  • SnapSAN systems provide iSCSI, FC or SAS host connections
  • Provides fully redundant 99.999% high availability with hot-swappable components
  • Scale your solution upto 288TB


NAS Devices

Overland Storage has two data storage systems that fall under the Network Attached Storage (NAS) device umbrella; the SnapServer DX series and the SnapScale.

SnaperServer DX Series

The Overland Storage DX series is an award winning NAS device solution after being named Network Computing Hardware product of the year. The SnapServer DX series is the first data storage system that you do not have to provision. The series supports DynamicRAID, allowing for seamless storage expansion (up to 384TB) so your storage can grow with your business, the NAS devices are also able to support both SAS and SATA drives.

Key Features:

  • Simple expansion and management with DynamicRAID
  • Share data across multiple platforms
  • Protect and recover your data with snapshots and replication
  • Backup to disk, VTL or tape.

The SnapScale X2

The award winning Overland Storage SnapScale X2 is a clustered NAS device solution that enables companies to rapidly expand their storage capacity and protect you against unpredictable data growth. The SnapScale X2 is infinitely scalable with high availability (99.999%), meaning that this NAS solution will keep up with the most demanding of environments.

Key Features:

  • Infinitely Scalable and Instantly Available
  • Consolidate your storage via a global namespace
  • Rapid rebuild in the event of a cluster drive failure
  • Replicate to anywhere in the world


Tape Libraries

Tape Storage Solutions have been used within businesses for many years, and during this time many have predicted that the end was nigh for such solutions. However, with stringent industry compliance laws a lot of companies are now required to hold onto data for long periods of time, and, in some case, forever. Overland Storage Tape libraries, better known as the NEO series, are perfect for these needs. Their tape libraries range offer a solution for a company of any size and are scalable from 7.2TB up to 3.1PB.

This Overland Storage Tape Libraries combine industry leading reliability, with high data availability and effortless management at a low cost of ownership to the user.

Key Features:

  • The range is highly scalable – 7.2TB-3.1PB
  • Add tape drives as your business grows providing increased performance and efficiency
  • Effortlessly manage your backup and archiving


Virtual Tape Libraries

Overland Storage also provides a virtual tape library solution called the REO series that will perform disk-based backup and recovery with uncompromising speed. The REO series is scalable from 12TB-240TB and can cater for the demands of any sized business.

Key Features:

  • Includes patented Dyanmic Virtual Tape technology, ensuring no capacity is wasted.
  • Compression features will save you money and rack space
  • Driver spin down – manages the power consumption and optimal cooling requirements