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New Access Points Optimise Performance in Dense Indoor and Outdoor Deployments

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Ruckus Wireless, a part of Brocade, today announced the addition of two new access points (APs) to the ZoneFlex™ family—the ZoneFlex R610 indoor AP and the ZoneFlex T610 outdoor AP. Both products are based on the IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 standard featuring multi-user MIMO technology, which optimises airtime efficiency to client devices and increases aggregate network throughput in dense indoor or outdoor deployments.

“The Ruckus ZoneFlex R610 AP enables secure, rock-solid connections whether you are streaming audio or video, transacting payments, keeping in touch via social media, or just browsing the web,”

The R610 is an indoor Wave 2 11ac 3×3:3 AP with USB interface capable of supporting future IoT applications that fills the gap between the ZoneFlex R510 Wave 2 2×2:2 AP and the R710 Wave 2 4×4:4 AP, delivering data rates up to 1,900 Mbps.

The T610 is an outdoor Wave 2 11ac 4×4:4 AP with field accessible USB interface capable of supporting future IoT applications. The T610 is positioned between the ZoneFlex T300 Wave 1 2×2:2 outdoor AP and T710 Wave 2 4×4:4 AP and supports data rates up to 2.5 Gbps.

The R610 is ideal for high-density deployments for clients in need of guaranteed high throughput. High schools offering online digital learning with more than 30 kids per classroom and university lecture halls providing concurrent HD video streams to hundreds of student devices are great use cases for R610 deployment. The T610 is ideal for high-density outdoor deployments. An example use case is a smart city, providing wireless access to hundreds of users, connectivity to smart meters and public utilities.

With the addition of these two new APs, Ruckus has the broadest 802.11ac Wave 2 portfolio in the industry. Both new APs can be managed via any Ruckus control and management platform, including SmartZone and ZoneDirector now, plus Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi beginning in December.

The ZoneFlex R610 is available now. The ZoneFlex T610 will be available starting in December.

For more information on R610 and T610, visit the R610 product page and the T610 product page on the Ruckus website.

Pulse Secure adds device discovery and profiling to Network Access Control (NAC) Solution

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Highly automated advanced detection and classification of managed and unmanaged devices secures BYOD and IoT growth

Pulse Secure, the leader in secure access solutions has announced an update to their Pulse Policy Secure solution that allows advanced device discovery with highly automated and detailed profiling. Administrators can now secure the growing number of IT and non-traditional IP devices attached to corporate networks, as part of a complete Network Access Control (NAC) solution.

The new release of Pulse Policy Secure enables administrators to provide more granular information on new devices attaching to the network — often as a result of the growing BYOD and Internet of Things trends. Analyst firm Gartner estimates that there are around 2.3 billion enterprise class connected “things” including cross-industry items such as HVAC and building management systems. The second class of connected things includes vertical-specific devices, such as specialised equipment used in hospital operating theatres, tracking devices in container ships, and many others.

“The new device discovery and profiler features allow administrators to continuously run detection routines that classify managed and unmanaged devices across the network with detailed reporting to streamline management and security policy enforcement,” explains Prakash Mana, Head of Product Management for Pulse Secure, “Using this as part of our Network Access Control solution provides the most efficient method of discovering, profiling, and securing every device, as everything is contained within a single GUI, enforcement and reporting structure.”

Pulse Secure’s profiling feature offers continuous profiling using DHCP, SNMP, Nmap and HTTP user agents and references detection against a growing database of 9500 unique device types. The solution also profiles endpoints assigned with static IP addresses and actively scans open ports to detect MAC spoofing.

“Pulse Secure’s profiling functionality along with the frequent feature updates that we release for all of our products are available as a free trial, downloadable from our website. Our constant focus on innovation is exactly why Pulse Secure is the leader in Secure Access,” Adam Jaques, Senior Director of Worldwide Marketing for Pulse Secure adds.

The new Pulse Policy Secure v5.3 update is free to existing customers with an active support contract, or can be downloaded as a free trial from the Pulse Secure website. For more information, visit

Pulse Secure launches promotion to simplify moving up to secure access

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Secure Access NOW promotion offers free hardware upgrades with 50% discount on software to accelerate rollouts

Pulse Secure, the leader in secure access solutions has announced “Secure Access NOW” — a major new upgrade program to help enterprises modernise their access security for mobile and cloud. Customers running legacy Juniper SA, IC, and MAG hardware providing SSL-VPN and Network Access Control services are able to upgrade their hardware to the latest generation of Pulse Secure Appliances for free. The new Pulse Secure Appliances offer unprecedented performance and scalability.

In addition, the promotion which launches on October 18th 2016, offers 50% discount off the list price on Pulse Connect Secure, Pulse Policy Secure, and Pulse Workspace software licenses. Customers will enjoy an additional 15% discount off the list price on 3 years of hardware and software maintenance and support services. The upgrade program also includes a free 60-day trial of the Pulse One cloud-based management system which provides IT with a dashboard view of their access infrastructure.

Customers upgrading from legacy platforms to the Pulse Secure Appliance (PSA) will experience a 3x boost in performance and a multitude of new software capabilities, including broader scalability for per-app VPN and NAC connections, endpoint compliance for laptops and mobile devices, and enhanced single-sign-on and self-service onboarding. Cloud Secure is a new capability that extends identity management and device compliance functionality to the cloud. Pulse Workspace provides core enterprise mobility management functionality that provides a simple and easy-to-deploy way for organisations to control mobile access to both the cloud and data centre.

“Technology moves on and products such as the Juniper SA/IC and MAG appliances have now been announced as end-of-life. These products were fantastic for basic remote access, but as with all technology, the demands of a modern enterprise have changed dramatically and workers now demand uncomplicated access from anywhere and any device plus IT needs visibility with the ability to incorporate both on-premises and cloud based systems.” says Phil Montgomery, VP Marketing for Pulse Secure, “This promotion demonstrates our commitment to our 20,000 customers in order to boost their workforce productivity and extend the security, reliability, and capability of our solution.

Full details of the promotion including recommended appliance hardware and software licensing requirements are available direct from Pulse Secure channel partners. The promotion is valid until December 31, 2016. More information is also available at

Expanding our Wave 2 Portfolio: Making Networks Efficient For All Devices

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

By: Devang Bhatt, Enterprise Product Marketing

Any technology company today will likely tell you we are in the midst of a massive digital transformation, and in order to keep up, businesses across the globe need things to be done faster than ever before. Whether it’s making decisions, getting a new product to market or serving customers, the need for speed is vital to succeed in today’s innovation climate. This is especially true for wireless networks.

The proliferation of Wave 2 11ac Wi-Fi technology embedded into client devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops continues to flood the market resulting in a diverse client mix ranging from slow, fast to high-speed clients. As indoor and outdoor wireless networks become more and more saturated with active users, the propensity to have a poor Wi-Fi experience increases. Research from Strategy Analytics predicts the number of connected devices per person will more than double to 4.3 by 2020.

It’s not just the multiple devices people now carry with them impacting Wi-Fi performance. It’s also the explosion of cloud-based applications such as video and voice that require robust network performance from the core to the edge.

Luckily, 802.11ac Wave 2 brings gigabit speed to wireless networks, eliminating the need to compromise between speed and performance. 802.11ac Wave 2 technology improves network efficiency by bringing MU-MIMO to Wi-Fi, enabling the access point (AP) to communicate with multiple client devices simultaneously. Before MU-MIMO, the AP would serve clients one at a time, in a round robin fashion. With MU-MIMO, network airtime efficiency increases because all clients (MU-MIMO and non MU-MIMO) are served faster.

MU-MIMOWith 802.11ac Wave 2, you can stream Netflix to your mobile device without degrading the performance of the network for everyone else. In an outdoor scenario, several fans watching replays in a crowded stadium with their mobile devices will experience a good video experience.

Ruckus was first-to-market with Wave 2 APs in April 2015 and now has the industry’s broadest Wave 2 portfolio. We continue to expand that portfolio with today’s announcement of two new access points to the ZoneFlex™ family—the ZoneFlex R610 indoor access point (AP) and the ZoneFlex T610 outdoor AP. Both products are based on the IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 standard featuring multi-user MIMO technology, which optimizes airtime efficiency to client devices and increases aggregate network throughput in dense indoor or outdoor deployments.

Both of these new additions to the Ruckus Wave 2 portfolio deliver high performance and coverage and benefit from more traditional Ruckus technologies such as BeamFlex+, ChannelFly and flexible deployment options. For those of you seeking a solution for your poor Wi-Fi performance, whether it’s in your hotel room, your apartment or outdoors such as college campuses, stadiums or transit hubs, the R610 and T610 11ac Wave 2 APs with MU-MIMO are designed to meet the tough requirements of indoor or outdoor deployments.

This has been taken from the Ruckus Room.

Data Breaches 2016: Make Your Data Worthless

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Watch the Webcast that Jason Hart, CTO of Data Protection at Gemalto ran on the 09h November. This webinar looked at the major data breach trends in 2016. Who is doing the hacking, how they are doing it, what needs to be protected in the Internet of Things era and what data is under attack.

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Last year, cyber criminals started turning their focus to hacking people’s personal information. This year, more than half of all data breaches are identity theft. Hackers have been targeting government databases to get the information.

It’s currently the industry with the largest number of records stolen and/or compromised. The cyber criminal’s shift from credit card and financial data to personal information begs the question “how much is your identity really worth?” While it might start as a nuisance, the true impact of identity theft to an individual can be catastrophic and costly.

With the Internet of Things taking off and the number of connected devices increasing, it is important to make your data worthless to fraudsters.

This webinar looks at the major data breach trends in 2016. Who is doing the hacking, how they are doing it, what needs to be protected in the Internet of Things era and what data is under attack.

In addition, listeners can get a new understanding of how to approach data security and “Secure the Breach”.

Date: Nov 9
Time: 2:00 pm United Kingdom – London or after on demand 60 mins

Presented by Jason Hart, CTO of Data Protection at Gemalto

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